Advertising, Sponsoring and Affiliate

With us, advertising always generates value and relevance - regardless of whether you advertise with us or as an affiliate partner for us.

Advertising Partners

As an advertising partner, you can inform the users of our network of your offers and events in a precisely targeted manner.

Advertising Banners

With over 6 million page views per month, our home page is the ideal place for your advertising banners.
The highly granular targeting capabilities of our platforms (such as GemeinsamErleben or friendseek) allow you to reach your target groups precisely and to capture their attention perfectly with tailor-made visuals. And the best part is: All banners are natively integrated into our platform and will therefore not be suppressed by ad blockers.

Premium Events

With our eye-catching premium events you can bring more visitors to your events in no time at all.
Make your events known to our network's broad, interested audience. In this way, you can also attract those people who would have stayed at home because they didn't find suitable company. Every time someone expresses interest in one of your events, leaves a comment or organizes a meet-up for it, this information ends up at the top of the news feed. In this way your events spread virally and you can be assured of our members' undivided attention.

Sponsoring Partners

As a sponsor in our network you will reach your preferred target group on an emotional level and build a sustainable relationship.

Community Sponsorship

Become the exclusive sponsor of a certain topic and put your brand in the spotlight.
As a sponsor, you take over the exclusive patronage of a specific community in our network and will thus be able to reach your target groups on an emotional level. Your brand will always be present when the community members talk to like-minded people about their favourite topics, when they make new friends and when they create shared memories. In this way, your brand will be closely associated with the respective topic and will get charged with positive feelings.

Plus Sponsorship

We have adapted a tried and tested form of advertising from professional sports for the internet age: jersey sponsorship.
Give our most active users free Plus Memberships and in return you will get the opportunity to brand their profiles with your logo and a linkable cover image. Every time a sponsored profile is viewed, your brand and campaign will be in the spotlight. In this way, every sponsored member will become your personal advertising medium in our network.

Affiliate Partners

As an affiliate partner you will receive attractive commissions for linking to a page within our network.

Native Advertising Banners

Are you looking for opportunities to generate additional revenue through your website?
Embed our high quality ad banners into your website and convert your traffic into money. You will receive attractive commissions for every referred registration on a platform within our network (e.g. GemeineinamErleben or friendseek). If a member who has been referred by you later buys a Plus Membership, you will be rewarded yet again!

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